Bronco Roads

Bronco Roads


“Bronco Roads” is a new adventure in travel, story and song hosted by award winning filmmaker and singer/songwriter, Stacy Dean Campbell. The series is currently airing on PBS television stations across the west and features off-the-beaten-path locations and inspiring stories of America’s “everyman”. Along the way we “Discover” unique travel destinations, relive inspiring “Adventures” & enjoy the best in “Travel & Leisure” hot spots as well as great, authentic cuisine.  ”Bronco Roads” is the insider’s guide to stories from the back roads of the American West in a magazine style.

Series Mission

  • To introduce viewers to the beautiful areas of the western United States, presenting the intriguing history and stories of people and places that make up this rich and diverse cultural landscape
  • To impact economic development
  • To entertain viewers of all ages

Each episode features three segments:

  1. “DISCOVERY” – through historical reenactments and archival photos, educating the viewer on our destination
  2. “ADVENTURE” - exploring the area’s activities
  3. “TRAVEL & LEISURE” – seeking out unique cuisine, lodging & entertainment of the region

In addition, each episode showcases an original song inspired by the journey and a book recommendation encouraging the viewer to enjoy a good “travel read”.
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